Why recall?

Some people point to Scott Fitzgerald’s long service in the Wisconsin legislature and wonder why we want to recall him.

The answer is simple: We feel that he has abused his power and betrayed our trust.

Scott Fitzgerald seems to be more interested in lining up behind Governor Walker than standing up for the working-class families he’s supposed to represent.

When he was on the campaign trail, he didn’t say he would de-fund our schools and local governments. He didn’t say he would take up such controversial policies that our state government would become hateful and polarized. He didn’t say he would break the open meetings law in his rush to pass controversial legislation.

While acting in his official capacity and wielding considerable power as our state’s Senate Majority Leader, Scott Fitzgerald abused his power at the expense of fairness, time-honored procedure, and his constituents’ best interests.

  • Open Meetings Law

On March 9, 2011, Scott Fitzgerald convened a meeting that was in violation of the Open Meetings Law. To comply with the law, all he had to do was post a sign 24 hours — or even two hours — in advance, announcing his intention to hold a meeting. He didn’t do that.

Fitzgerald’s actions have put Wisconsin taxpayers in the odd position of having to pay for both his prosecution and defense. We’re working to determine how much this has cost taxpayers, but since the case went all the way to the state’s Supreme Court we’re reasonably sure it cost in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

  • Redistricting

Scott Fitzgerald and his brother, Jeff Fitzgerald, coordinated an expensive redistricting effort over the past year. They bypassed the bid process and paid attorneys up to $395 an hour. They paid $50,000 per month — $25,000 each from the Senate and Assembly — and the final bill was $400,000 in taxpayer money.

And we taxpayers didn’t even get a good value. The process was so flawed that the state is now having to defend the Fitzgeralds’ actions in court. It’s uncertain how much that final bill will end up costing taxpayers, but one thing is certain: Scott Fitzgerald used our money to enhance his power.

Something has changed in Scott Fitzgerald over the past year. He’s no longer acting in our best interests, nor is he upholding the honorable traditions of the Wisconsin State Legislature.

He should be recalled.

  1. I am happy to sign a recall petition for Senator Scott Fitzgerald. Immediately after Scott Fitzgerald and Scott Walker proposed Senate Bill 10, I reached out to an Assembly representative in another district who I know personally, my Assembly representative, and Senator Scott Fitzgerald — all Republicans. I heard from the other two in a timely manner. One even called and talked to me for 20 minutes. Senator Fitzgerald only sent me a mass email months after the event without addressing any of my concerns. I also reached out a few other times, and I have never heard back from him. Had Senator Fitzgerald gotten back to one of his concerned constituents, which he as an obligation to do, I would not be in support of this petition.

    However, as an elected official who is supposed to represent the people of his district, he has failed. For this reason, I am happily signing the petition.

  2. Scott Fitzgerald was actually not born a Wisconsinite. In fact, he was born in Chicago, Illinois, home of the Chicago Bears, which explains so much about why people just don’t seem to like him much.

  3. Fitzgerald’s comment “Let’s see Obama win Wisconsin now that the Unions are gone” put 1 and 1 thought only in my head…Who the hell is this arrogant pompus windbag, standing there on National TV making a statement like that. I have tried to never judge a person on 1st impression because it is not a impression of the real person but of the moment in time. I soon found out who Fitzgerald was and my first impression did not change………go figure. His statement says it all, forget about the citizens in the State you represent and focus on getting Obama out of office……Washington politics in Wisconsin. I am happy he is not my district and stand behind your effort all the way because this is my state and I want it back! Please send Walkers lap dog to the pound!

  4. I feel a represenative should represent his whole district.  He went too far this Febuary.  He refused to listen to both sides.  the last communication I got from Sen. Fitzgerald was asking for money because all of the out of state people were going to recall him.  I’d rather recall him than have someone form “out of state” do it!

  5. So, recalls are affordable?

    • I look at this recall effort as an investment in our future. We can’t afford to pay for more of Scott Fitzgerald’s mistakes.

      • Besides, Scott Fitzgerald spent $500,000 of state dollars on gerrymandering the legislature districts this year. The excuse about the cost of recall is a load of crap, nothing but hypocrisy. They gave all rights to complain about costs away the second they hired those Law Firms to redistrict for them.

  6. Where was Fitzgerald before Walker? It’s almost like he reinvented himself and blindly follows Walker wherever Walker wants to go. He is so wrapped up in politics he has forgotten his own constituants, he has got to go! We know Walker is a lunatic but at least he is the architect of his own madness, Fitz as well as the other newly badged teapublican conservatives we somehow woke up to, are just followers. One could argue he is worse than Walker. I’m going to sign today and can’t wait!

  7. A recall in this case is a wise investment Bob G. Money spent foolishly is a waste, but money spent to better our system and make politicians accountable is money well spent. The fiscal irresponsibilty belongs to Scott, Scott and the others who would do so much damage to our workers. The workers of this states bring in the revenue to pay for services, while the Walker team send our state into a deficit to give the Koch brothers sweetheart deals!

  8. Ok, Lori. Heard you interviewed on Sly, 2/2, when he suggested that you might be the Democratic opponernt to Fitzgerald, I nearly shouted, “Go for it!” You expressed concern that you’ve never run for public office– nobody has until they do it. You have the right values, the chutzpah, and clearly the inspiring and organizing skills, and more than any of those, a built in constituency built through your collection of signatures and plenty of publicity.
    I sat on the Madison School Board for six years, three of them as President. Believe me, you learn on the job, and you learn to develop a thick skin if you believe in what you’re doing. And clearly you can.

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