Statement on rebuttal filing

Attorneys filed our rebuttal to Fitzgerald’s challenges this afternoon. A quick statement:

From forcing his fellow legislators to sign secrecy pledges in backroom redistricting deals to exorbitant “travel reimbursements” for his one-hour commute, Scott Fitzgerald has made it clear that he will stop at nothing to impose his extreme agenda on our Wisconsin. His latest attempt to keep himself from being held accountable by his constituents is as shameful as it is desperate. He continues to throw any argument at the wall to see what will stick.

I’m proud that 20,000 of Fitzgerald’s constituents exercised our constitutional right to recall Scott Fitzgerald. I have full faith in the fairness of this process and in the honesty and integrity of our volunteers, and I look forward to seeing the election certified soon.


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  1. Garret S. Reynolds

    Senator Fitzgerald has challenged the signature on page 1435 of the recall petitions, stating it appears to be a fictitious name. I have found plenty of evidence for the existence of Timothy P. Suckow of Watertown, WI.

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