A major announcement…

… will not be forthcoming this week. Or next week. This is an independent effort and we’re not on the same schedule as the Democrats.

Fitz and his team are trying to find ways to challenge our signatures, and those challenges are due on Feb. 9. We will then have only a few days to defend our signatures, if any defense is needed.

Everyone wants a candidate yesterday, but right now my main concern is seeing our signatures safely through the challenge phase.

Thanks for your understanding!


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  1. Not Unique - Just like everyone else

    Bothered by the association between duplicate names and duplicate signatures. My name is not too common – and I have worked with my own doppleganger – matching names in matching towns. I also have another in this state with same birthday too (year month and day). Just scan the phonebook, or your D/L suffix to see the reality. Same name, same place, yet different people.

    Make sure we all count!

    • Thanks for your note! We’ll work hard to be sure everyone is counted. His database is so riddled with errors! I know we have enough signatures, so please don’t worry.

  2. Not Unique - Just like everyone else

    I was reviewing the “rejected” mail cards, I see mistypes galore.

    As a scrolled further it appears to me the cards mailed out failed to successfully print the City, State and Zip code clearly.

    Absolutely Laughably Inept.

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