Text of today’s announcement

Today I was joined by volunteers from across Fitzgerald’s district and Kristin Crowell of We Are Wisconsin to announce that we have gathered more than enough signatures to recall Scott Fitzgerald. Here’s the text of the announcement:

Welcome, and thanks to all of you for coming here this morning. My name is Lori Compas, I live in Fort Atkinson, and I formed the Committee to Recall Scott Fitzgerald.

All of us here today are ordinary people who’ve done an extraordinary thing. We’re here to announce
that together we have exercised our constitutional right and collected more than enough signatures to recall Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald – and we’ll keep going tonight and tomorrow and we will finish this strong.

We took action because over the past year we’ve watched Scott Fitzgerald change from a man who won re-election on a platform of jobs and economic development into a man who was more interested in lining up behind Governor Walker than standing up for us.

We watched him abuse his power.

We watched him betray our trust.

We watched, and we took action. We started this work with no organization and no plan, just the will and the determination of a committed group of people.

I’m so happy to be here with just a few of those people today. Somehow this movement has grown from what some said was a crazy idea into a community of citizens who are taking positive action to regain their voice in the legislature.

We’ve had farmers driving from farm to farm to collect signatures. We’ve had guys camping out in their yard. We’ve had moms looking over city maps like generals, plotting and planning the best canvassing routes. All of us were united by our common belief that government should be responsive to the will of the people.

We’ve developed a diverse, wide-spread community that might not have formed any other way.
Our volunteers are of all ages, from all socio-economic backgrounds, and we hold a wide range of political beliefs. But we hold these things in common:

All of us want to be honorably represented.

All of us want to restore fairness and integrity to the legislature.

And all of us are committed to the difficult and serious task of reclaiming Wisconsin’s proud tradition of open, honest government.

This is a truly grassroots movement, and it’s been my pleasure to guide our volunteers’ efforts. For the past two weeks we’ve been excited to work alongside another grassroots organization, We Are Wisconsin. Their executive director, Kristin Crowell, has joined us today. She’d like to say a few words, and then you’ll hear from two of our volunteers.

And that was that 🙂 


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  1. Wonderful words, wonderful accomplishment with a wonderful group of people! Thanks for all you did, I was proud to be able to help and say “I helped to recall Fitz”!!! Marcy

  2. Amazing, amazing, Lori!

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