Interesting fundraising appeal

Today a friend sent me one of Scott Fitzgerald’s recent fundraising e-mails, which reads in part: “I need you to … help me fight the fraud that is happening right now on recall petitions in my district and others.”

I find his approach both amusing and offensive. Mr. Fitzgerald apparently feels that his best hope of building a campaign war chest is not to remind prospective donors of his recent record, but rather to throw out baseless claims against our hard-working volunteers. It’s certainly understandable: although he campaigned on jobs and economic development,  his work this past year has resulted in divisive policies, dismal job figures, a slew of lawsuits, and a bitterly divided legislature.

If Mr. Fitzgerald needs more money, his fundraising attempts should rest on his merits and his record. Basing his fundraising appeals on false claims of our malfeasance is insulting and absurd.

Here’s the full text of the e-mail:

Dear Friend:

Subject: Mickey Mouse is helping…

Have you heard the latest in the recall races? Integrity and accountability have gone completely out the window.

Last week, a recall signer admitted – to a TV reporter – that he has signed a recall petition “about 80 times.” (see video here) His excuse? “They cheated for Bush, so hey, I’m going to cheat to get Scott Walker out.”

Then yesterday, in the state Capitol, the Government Accountability Board (who is supposed to be policing the recall process) announced that it would COUNT recall signatures from “Mickey Mouse” as long as a date and address are included.  (story here)

And here’s the icing on the cake: the Government “Accountability” Board said that it’s not their responsibility to check for duplicates and fake names: it’s the responsibility of the Senators who are being recalled.

A thousand needles have been thrown into the haystack, and the senators fighting recalls are the ones who have to find them. And it’s a heck of a lot easier to sign fake and duplicate signatures than it is to find them.

I can’t do it without your help. I need you to take a moment and go to and contribute the most generous amount you can afford, to help me fight the fraud that is happening right now on recall petitions in my district and others.

It’s as easy as clicking here.

The stakes couldn’t be higher: if the recall-crazy Democrats take over the Senate, you can say “goodbye” to balanced budgets, pro-jobs bills and reform, and “hello” to gridlock and a nonstop campaign cycle.

This whole process is beginning to look like a joke. But if we can’t afford to fight their fraud, the union bosses and the protesters will be the only ones laughing.


Scott Fitzgerald
Senator, 13th Senate District

P.S. Please give whatever you can afford by clicking here today: because of the unprecedented nature of the Recalls, you can contribute as much as you’d like, and as many times as you’d like. Even if you’ve given to my campaign before, please consider contributing to my effort to find fraud and root out duplicate signatures.


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  1. Fitz’s campaign is inventing bogeymen. The “I signed 80 times” story disappeared without confirmation. The “cigs for sigs” story proved to be invented and wrong as well. The GAB, United Wisconsin, and the DPW have affirmed that obviously fake signatures should be struck. No one is suggesting that anyone should sign multiple times. Petition circulators open themselves to a felony.

    From the GAB site: “Wisconsin’s recall petition process is designed with multiple checks and balances provided by the non-partisan G.A.B., as well as the competing partisan interests of the recall committee and the incumbent officeholder. These competing interests ensure that ineligible signers, duplicate signatures and fake names get weeded out. Focusing on any one aspect of the process in isolation misses the forest for a few trees. The recall process starts at the grassroots level with petition circulators. They personally obtain each signature on the page and are responsible for striking any signature that does not match the name given to them by the person signing the petition. These circulators sign each petition page stating that they understand that falsifying the certification is a punishable offense under state law, which is a felony.”

  2. I wonder if you are aware of the work by George Lakoff: The Political Mind, and/or ‘don’t think of an elephant”? If you haven’t read his info on ‘framing’ and how to be effective in promoting progressive ideas, I urge you to do so, it will help you! You will notice, he says don’t repeat the ‘propaganda’ of the person you wish to criticize. It only ‘reinforces’ the strength of the individual, and by repeating what he/she is writing or saying, you just give free advertising. Rather than do that, it is important to generate progressive value comments that counteract the ideas of the candidate, or legislator deserving of critique. If the ‘facts’ the person publicizes are untruthful, it is best to just state the actual facts, giving brief ways the reader or listener can double-check your facts. Lakoff’s is a cognitive linguist: an expert in studies the way the mind works ‘on politics’. He reveals that mentioning the ‘opponen t’ is equal to the ‘negative reinforcement’ that children seek when they purposely misbehave to get attention. any questions, just contact me;}

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