Do you want to recall Wisconsin State Senator Scott Fitzgerald? You’re in good company! This is the official website of the Committee to Recall Scott Fitzgerald. Scroll down for our blog.


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  1. I am from Minnesota so can’t help you but want you to know I support your efforts. I was born and raised in northern Wisconsin and barely recognize the State of Wisconsin I remember. Keep up your good work and know that you are in my thooughts!

    • Twenty-eight days. Give yourself a holiday gift and write on your calendar, on about 12/20, “Sign Fitz’s recall petition! “

  2. I just moved to fort atkinson last week. Wondering if I am elgible to sign the petition?

  3. Please let me know where my wife and I can sign the petition. I live in Columbus. I would be interested in volunteering after this coming week too after Thanksgiving..

    • I’ll be at the grassroots Columbus office at the intersection of highways 16 & 60 today around 3:30. Want to stop by, sign the petition, and talk about Thanksgiving? Alternatively you can download petitions from right here on the website (click on “petitions”). Thanks!

  4. Debbie Look Out Scotty Konkol

    Dying to know how it’s going. This would be SO SWEET. I cannot stand that family. Thank you for all you are doing and COURAGE!

    Debbie Konkol
    Madison Petitioner

  5. Scott Fitzgeralds face was really red in the Ed Show clip12/21 .He needs to investigate his own party for petition signing fraud. He is an angry,lying man, and it is obvious. The Fitzgeralds need to go too! Thank you Walker,Fitzgeralds,Kochs for helping the middle-class,poor,hardworking people of Wisconsin recognize and mobilize against your underhanded tactics,laws and efforts to ruin the lives of people already working hard to make living . And, SHAME ON YOU all for wanting to cut Badgercare,medicaid,unemployment etc…..So many people are in need due to circumstances beyond their control. Hmmm,like the papermill closing in Brokaw. It is obvious that your Christmas presents will be late.Expect them in January!!!! Strength to all working on recalls. It will be a happy New Year.

  6. ketrick1@yahoo.com I’ll put in some time. Let me know, where and when. Prefer Horicon, my dad was raised there.

  7. Three of us in Wausau last weekend got 80 recall signatures for each person: senator, gov & lt. gov. When walk lists were not producing we just looked for any apartment buildings housing working class, elderly or low-income residents even if we found others had already been through there. About 95% acceptance rate since most must had not signed yet. We found even the most fragile and disenfranchised people are now PAYING ATTENTION.

  8. I guess you “moderated” my question into the dust bin — did you ask Lynn C if she is indeed that person who engaged the Montana Supreme Court to exercise her last snit?

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