And so it begins

We’re gearing up to file the official recall paperwork at the GAB and we’ll post the petition on this site at 12:01 November 15. In the meantime, you can help us in two ways:

1 – Spread the word about this effort via your networks.

2 – Help us gather articles and videos for the “Why Recall” page. Links to videos and articles that demonstrate Scott Fitzgerald’s disrespect for the rule of law and the cordial traditions of the Wisconsin legislature would be much appreciated.

Thanks for your help! We can do this!


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  1. I understand why people would like to recall Fitz, but he got 67% of the vote last year, so it looks virtually impossible in his district. Our time, energy and money may be bettter spent elsewhere.

    • People here in the 13th are feeling really disillusioned. With the recall of Walker and Kleefisch happening at the same time, momentum is on our side. And this is truly a grassroots effort — we aren’t funded by the Dems so we aren’t a drain on their resources.

  2. Nice. I am sharing widely, and I will help. He sure isn’t “my” senator.

  3. Wish I lived in Wisconsin cause i would b a #1 advocate for your cause. Wishing u “GO GET ‘EM” from Idaho!!

  4. I wish you well.

    I am from up north and we will have petitions to sign for Terrry Moulton, Republican from the 23rd district.

  5. how do i donate?

  6. Despite the fact I have contacted Scott Fitzgerald on numerous occasions because I have been very upset with what has been going on in the state and his tone while handling it, I have received numerous FUNDRAISING emails and letters from him. It is clear to me that he is using official office correspondence as the mailing list for his campaign, which I don’t believe is even legal. His pomposity and hatred is intolerable — and he does not represent our interests at all.

  7. You all are helping to restore my belief that most people are not stupid and have a basic sense of what’s right. Some of the same types of shanigans have happened here in Tx, but the folks around here don’t seem to have the will to do anything about it. Best of luck to you all!

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